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Don't Use This Map!

Google Maps is the application that first clued me into the power of Ajax and it has been my mapping service of choice for quite sometime.  Therefore it is with some dismay that I must point out a glaring inaccuracy in one of its maps -- namely the one generated from the Studio4 Technologies street address!


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The pushpin marking the supposed location of 592 Main St. is nearly a half mile off.  The office is located in the Nacul Center, a former Methodist church that has been remodeled into studios and an art gallery, at the corner of Main and North Whitney Streets in Amherst, Mass., and more than 3 blocks west of where Google Maps would have us!

I have attempted to correct the location using Google's process for moving a marker, but the error exceeds the 200 meter limit that Google allows without human review and I am still waiting for their human to respond to my change request after several weeks.

Pay us a visit any time, but, at least in this case, you will be better off using a map from Bing or MapQuest to find your way.